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Errors In Excel


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Errors In Excel

In this article, we will learn about the most common errors in Excel

There are seven types of errors in Excel, and each error has a specific reason for its occurrence, and some of these errors are related to certain equations and some are the result of certain errors as a result of different variables or deleting part of the name of the equation, and we will review them, if desired, through the following points:


This error is caused by dividing a number by zero or dividing a number by an empty cell


The reason for this error is that there is no value for an equation and it is common to appear with the VLOOKUP equation and search and retrieval functions


The reason for this error is that the equation name was not written correctly, as in the image below VLOKKUP  instead of  VLOOKUP

The second case is that it appears when an undefined domain name is used or written incorrectly. In my example, I do not have a domain name  Sales  Therefore, the equation could not identify it, so the error was generated



The reason for this error is to specify two ranges that do not intersect (when using the distance between two ranges, this means obtaining the point of intersection of the two ranges.



The reason for this error is to put a numerical value for one of the variables in the equation, and this value is not known to the equation. For example, the YEARFRAC equation in its third variable accepts values ​​from 0 to 4 as shown in the following figure:


 Its variables are specific. If we put the number 5 in the third variable, Excel will not recognize it, and the result will be an error #NUM.


The reason for this is to delete a cell related to an equation. When you delete it, Excel does not replace a cell in its place, but the result is a Ref error. To understand this in the following picture, the equation combines the two cells  A3+A5    The result is 610 .


And I will delete cell A5, so the result will be as follows:


The reason for this error is in defining a range that is not parallel to the active cell without linking it to any equation, or if the cell includes different data types that are not acceptable in the equation, in the image below the first error was due to specifying the range D9:D12     It is a domain that is not parallel to the active cell    The second error is for trying to combine numeric values ​​with text values


These are the common errors, and there are those who consider the appearance of the ###### signs in the cell as an error, and I honestly do not consider it a mistake, as everyone knows it is caused by the lack of width of the column width of the value of the cell and it can be treated by expanding the width of the cell, but if this The signs appeared due to the presence of a negative time value, and this is what Excel rejects. Here, the issue is reconsidered, and here the error must be addressed, not just adjusting the cell size.


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