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Verify the authenticity of data on cells in excel

Verify the authenticity of data on cells

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Today's article on verification of the authenticity of data in Excel

Today we will address this topic in detail

The use of data validation in Excel is to restrict the type of data or values ​​that users enter into a specific cell. One of the most popular data verification uses is to create a drop -down menu.

To do this, we do the way:

1- Select the cell (cells) that you want to create a base.

2-Select Data> Check Data Correctness.

3-On the settings mark, under allowing, select an option:


The entire number - to restrict the cell to accept full numbers only
 Decimal - to restrict the cell to accept the decimal numbers only
 List - to choose data from the drop -down menu
 Date- to restrict the cell to accept date only
 Time - to restrict the cell to accept time only
 Text length - to restrict the length of the text
 Custom - for dedicated formula

 4-Within data, select a condition.

5-Set the other required values ​​based on what you chose to allow data.

6-Select the tab, enter a message and dedicate a message that users will see when entering data.

7-Select the selection box to show the input message when selecting the cell to display the message when determining the user or passing over the selected cell (cells).

8-Select the tab, alert to the error to customize the error message and choose a pattern.

9-Select OK.

 Now, if the user tries to enter an invalid value, an error alert appears with your custom message.

Source Microsoft Office 

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