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easy ways To Reduce the size of an Excel workbook

Reduce the size of an Excel workbook

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In Microsoft Office for world

A new topic of interest to all users of Microsoft Excel

In today's article, we will learn about two very effective ways to reduce the size of the Excel file

Often when I enter macros or modules in Excel with some other formats such as formulas, formulas and conditional formatting

The size of the excel file increases in a large way, which makes it difficult to deal with the file, very slow and not easy to save

Which requires us to intervene quickly and urgently to save our Excel file from damage and collapse?

In many cases, you can reduce the size of a workbook drastically, especially a workbook that contains modules that you has heavily edited, because Excel doesn't do a good job of cleaning up after itself. To clean up the mess that Excel leaves behind:

Therefore, in this tutorial, we will give you two ways to reduce the size of the Excel file as follows:


1- Save your workbook.

2- Select a module or user form in the project window.

3- Right-click and choose "Remove" from the shortcut menu.

4- When asked if you want to export the unit, click yes.

5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each user module and form, keeping track of the modules and forms you are removing.

6-Choose File Import File to import all the modules and models you have deleted.

7-Save the workbook again.

You will usually find that the new workbook is much smaller than it was. Another way to reduce the file size of a workbook is as follows:

1-Activate your workbook.

2- Choose File Save as Web Page, and make sure to use the Entire workbook option.

3- Close your workbook.

4-Use Open File to open the HTML file you saved in step 2.

4- Use File Save As, and resave the workbook as a standard XLS file.

In most cases, you will find that the file size is smaller. 

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